Supportive Messages

Top advice from some of the young people who attended AKT's recent Youth Conference. Read more

How To Get Help From Your Council

If you're homeless, or at risk of homelessness, your local Council can help. Here's some useful information. Read more

How Do I Tell My Parents?

If you've reached the point where you're ready to tell your parents, here is some information you might find useful. Read more

Plan For Coming Out

If you’re thinking about coming out to your family we recommend having a think about some key things beforehand. Read more

Wellbeing: Top Tips

Young people give some good advice on looking after your mental health. Read more

Coming Out: Top Tips

Young people share their top tips on coming out. Read more

Learning to Relax

Our supporters and young people share how they like to relax as a form of self care. Read more

Defining my sexuality was about me, not others

One of our young writers discusses discovering your sexuality when you're a teenager. Read more

Connect to a Mentor who is #TeamYOU

Read about representation, the value of mentors and how they can support you in creating the future you. Read more

Ask AKT Live: Mental Health and Housing

In this video, we explore the relationship between mental health and housing. Read more

Trans 101: A Gender Diversity Crash Course

Trans 101 is a starter pack designed to help support trans people around you. Read more

Ask AKT Live: Staying Safe and Happy at Christmas

Watch this video for information, tips and advice on dealing with potential challenges over the Christmas holidays. Read more