At akt we understand that there are many contributing factors to a young LGBTQ+ person’s homelessness. We believe it's important to highlight the intersectional issues faced by young people, and to offer support, community and advice. Many of the young people we support are neurodivergent and autistic, and we will be flexible in how we communicate and work with you to suit your needs.  

In this resource we will also be signposting to charities and groups that can help Autistic young people manage their mental health and find safe spaces to express themselves.

Community & Group Support:

Autism Together have a variety of community groups from performing arts to gardening.

Daisy Chain Project have a selection of community events as well as resources for adults.

Cheshire Autism have a large selection of community events for both autistic people and those in a support role.

Advice & Resources for Autistic People:

Autism Bedfordshire have a section of their website devoted to resources for adults.

Dimensions hold a variety of campaigns notably their list of Autism Friendly Cinema Screenings.

Tyla Grant (@TylGrnt on twitter) is a black autism advocate, who has set up B+ND a fund that provides grant to young black neurodivergent people, who wish for a diagnosis, so they may access the support they need.

Advice & Resources for those supporting Autistic People:

Autism Hampshire have many resources for those supporting from creating an autism friendly workspace, to the differences in how autism presents in autistic women.

Kent Autistic Trust have a selection of support services, primarily for families. 

General Advice & Resources:

These sites have resources and advice for both autistic people and anyone who may be in a support role.

Ambitious about Autism have a section of resources explaining behaviours that Autistic people may have, many of those describing the behaviours are Autistic people.

Autistica have a collection of resources on how Autism relates to various neurodiverse conditions and mental illnesses.

The National Autistic Society have Health Passport Resource, to make communication with Autistic people and medical professionals easier and clearer, reducing stress for the Autistic person if they are having health issues.

Disability Grants have a page on Grants for Autism, which has a collection of resources, charities and support groups.

Regional Support:

As I Am an Irish charity have a large selection of resources, primarily for those supporting autistic people.

Awtistiaeth Cymru (Autism Wales) have a large selection of resources for both Autistic People and those that support them.

Autism NI have a selection of resources however these are majority for Support rather than autistic people themselves.

Scottish Autism have a variety of services as well as an interactive map of these, so you can find what you need in your area.

Inspiring Young Voices are a general Neurodiversity charity that have a good record for supporting autistic people