"I am always so impressed with the vigour, enthusiasm and passion of young LGBTQ people, who understand the urgency of our current moment with such clarity. I'm inspired by a younger generation of LGBTQ people who, faced with a world that is constantly pushing back against them, keep pushing forward, showing up and showing out. "

"This generation will absolutely not be silenced, and as someone who's been fighting for Black LGBTQ people and QTIPOC to have their voices heard, I am encouraged that the work many of us have done for generations is not only appreciated, but will be carried forward and built upon to ensure we all live in the world we deserve."

"My heroes are the many, often invisible, Black women who came before me and who fight alongside me now, and you: the young LGBTQ people."

"Do not give up. Do not be silenced. Me and many others are not only rooting for you, but standing right there next to you."

- Lady Phyll, akt patron

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