Like you, we believe that no young person should be turned away simply for being who they are, and loving who they love. Our Room for Love summer campaign will help to support LGBTQ+ young people across the country who're facing or experiencing homelessness. We need you to join us.

We may not be marching together in Prides this year, but that doesn't mean we'll be standing still. We refuse to stand by while there are LGBTQ+ young people facing homelessness or living in a hostile environment simply for being themselves. That's why we're calling on you to akt loud, akt proud this summer. You can show your support by donating what you can to our appeal, hosting a Room for Love virtual fundraiser, or donning some akt merch from our online shop.

It's so important that we're there for young LGBTQ+ people who need us.  

If you're an organisation keen to support our campaign this summer please email [email protected] 

Now more than ever, we need to act together to provide safety and support to young people without a safe home.

"Our young people have nowhere to isolate and we're working hard to ensure that they have somewhere safe to stay, with access to food and vital supplies. They don’t have family to support them through these uncertain times so the Services team at akt has become a lifeline to keep up hope and to be a friendly face” – Nathan East, Caseworker, akt

Jess and Charlene's story

When Jess and Charlene came to us earlier this year they were living in a small, damp-riddled flat relying on costly electric heaters. Both were depressed, in mounting debt, and feeling lost and overwhelmed. They'd each been rejected by their parents and family support was really limited.

One of the first things we did was to help in a really pragmatic way; one of our caseworkers was able to swiftly provide Jess with a bus pass so that she could attend interviews - she was quickly successful and landed a job she really wanted!

We also helped them move out of their cold flat, with an akt Rainbow Starter Pack covering their basic furniture and necessities costs meaning they didn’t have to rely on loans.

When Lockdown was implemented, we made sure we stayed connected. Jess and Charlene have weekly phone calls - each having their own call with a different caseworker to ensure we’re fully supporting them as individuals. After Jess was furloughed they felt trapped in their new home with nothing to do. We accessed our Covid-19 Response Fund to buy them bikes, helmets and locks. These bikes gave them an immediate sense of freedom and release that’s so important for young people, especially during these isolating times.

Jess and Charlene have recently developed the confidence to reach out to their parents, and as a result they’re starting to repair their relationships. They’re both feeling more positive about their futures and are focussed on feeling fitter, looking after their mental health, and making plans for life after Lockdown.

Without your support, we wouldn't be able to support LGBTQ+ young people like Jess and Charlene. Thank you.