My home life had always been quite complex and after leaving University unexpectedly, I decided that I didn’t want to return home but instead moved to Manchester where my partner lived.

In Manchester, I found myself feeling very adrift and isolated. I came to akt as I felt like I had nobody to talk to and as an LGBT organisation I felt confident that they would understand and be able to help me with the problems I was having at the time.

akt helped me by getting me involved in the mentoring scheme. This was a big thing for me as it gave me somebody to talk to about all of the things that were going on in my life and I felt as though I could talk to somebody who wouldn’t judge me or my experiences. The mentoring scheme basically gave me someone who understood what I was going through, something that I felt I did not have in Manchester.

Along with my mentor, I saw my worker at akt once a week as well. She gave me the opportunity to talk about what had happened since our last meetings. She helped keep me positive about getting things organised when I felt as though I was not getting anywhere. She would offer me emotional support and would always ask me how I was feeling and talk about my mental health with me and if I had any concerns about anything else in my life.

Whilst I worked with akt, I organised a temporary tenancy for myself in one of the local University Halls of residence before my partner and I decided that we were going to move to London. The move happened very quickly and I felt supported by akt in the sense that they gave me all the contact details for their offices in London and let them know that I was moving!

Since working with akt, I am proud to say that I feel much happier and confident in myself, I have successfully moved to London and have an interview for a degree at University in the next few weeks that I am thrilled about.

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