Now more than ever, we need to #aktogether to provide safety and support to the most marginalised people in our community. akt works with incredible young people, helping ensure they have somewhere safe to stay, food to eat and top-up credit so they aren’t isolated from the wider world.

To make sure we can keep that going, we need your help.

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We supported a young person, Alex, who was staying in a hostel but could no longer remain there as they needed to self-isolate. They tried to get help from the local council but they were turned away. They have no family or friends who could offer a place for them to stay, even temporarily. We provided them with a safe space to self-isolate and a food and welfare parcel to cover the period of their isolation. We also provided daily check ins to make sure they were coping with being alone. We are working with them to find more permanent accommodation and ensuring that they won't face the same situation again in the future.

“Your support is needed more than ever. It’s scary that referrals are increasing as LGBTQ+ young people’s friends and family are not willing to allow them to sofa surf, from fear of the current climate. Our young people have nowhere to isolate and we are working hard to ensure that they have somewhere safe to stay, with access to food and vital supplies. They don’t have family to support them through these uncertain times so the Services team at akt has become a lifeline to keep up hope and to be a friendly face.” – Nathan East, Caseworker, akt

Click here to support our emergency appeal

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