Today akt and Homeless Link launch new guidance on how homeless services can be more inclusive and support young trans people. This guidance comes after akt’s report found that young trans people experiencing homelessness were discriminately impacted by the many issues covered in the report, including familial abuse and experiences of discrimination and harassment when accessing support services.

74 per cent of young trans people said their family members repeatedly belittled them to the extent that they felt worthless before they became homeless.

One in five young trans people stated they faced discrimination when accessing support because they were trans, and the same number had experienced misgendering or deadnaming while accessing services.

We know that is a real desire within the homelessness sector to deliver more trans-inclusive services. We hope that this guidance will help organisations achieve this, by outlining examples of best practice and the concrete actions that managers and wider staff can immediately take to deliver a more inclusive service for young trans people.

Moreover, whilst no young trans person’s experience is the same, the guidance also provides an overview of some shared experiences, including pathways into homelessness, challenges faced when accessing support and barriers to exiting homelessness.  

We hope that all organisations working in the sector can utilise this guidance, irrespective of where they are in their journey to deliver trans inclusive services.  

Download the guidance 

If you would like to discuss the guidance or have any other questions, please get in touch with our Campaigns, Policy and Research Lead Jo at [email protected].