Looking for a charity place?

Applications for our Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 charity place have now closed.

Aready got a place for London Marathon 2018?

If you've been lucky enough to secure your own place, and would also like to be part of #TEAMAKT*, then please complete our Event Registration form and we'll be in touch.

* By wishing to be part of #TEAMAKT, you are consenting to AKT sharing your email address with those supporters who are also taking part so that you can share training tips and arrange if appropriate joint training runs. AKT will not share this information with anyone else outside the group.

2019 London Marathon

Currently AKT has only one guaranteed place in the London Marathon, the price of which is a significant outlay for us. However, if there is enough interest from AKT supporters able to raise the minimum sponsorship required then we may be able to purchase more places. If this is something that you would be keen for us to do, please email our Fundraising Officer, Gary - [email protected] so that we can judge the feasibility of buying more places. Thank you!

Booking for this event has now closed.