Blog for AKT

Would you like to write for AKT? We're on the look out for writers and content creators!Read more

Blog: Interning at AKT

Our Communications Intern Charlie talks about how she began working at AKT.Read more

Blog: Defining My Sexuality Was About Me, Not Others

One of our young writers discusses discovering your sexuality when you're a teenager.Read more

BLOG: Connect with a mentor who is #TeamYou

Yousuf Hussain is a Graduate Pride Lead working within the professional services sector. He shares his thoughts on the importance of representation, the value of mentors and how they can support you in creating the future you want for yourself.Read more

BLOG: Homeless Forever After

AKT young writer Claire Evans writes for us about homelessness and hope.Read more

Blog: Of Small Towns and Lack of Passion

I look at who I am now, and how much easier it is for me to tell my friends I love them, to go out of my way to do things I want, and it’s such a departure from who the town made me. That sour, friendless boy I used to be would hate me with a passion.Read more

Blog: Giving new life to coming out – redefining the past and our stories

Writer Daniel VB explores the journey of discovering your bisexuality.Read more