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AKT supports young LGBT 16-25 year olds who are made homeless or living in a hostile environment.

London: 020 7831 6562
Manchester: 0161 228 3308
Newcastle-upon-Tyne: 0191 281 0099

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Supported Lodgings

The Albert Kennedy Trust is well known for our supported lodgings scheme.

We match carers with lesbian, gay bisexual and trans young people who are homeless, living in a hostile environment or in crisis. Carers can be couples, single people or families with children. Many of our carers identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans, and they often provide role models for young people coming out or coming to terms with their identity. However, we are also open to non-LGBT applicants who can provide an empathetic and affirmative relationship and have a good understanding of the type of issues young LGBT people face.

To be a carer you need:

  • to have an appropriate spare room
  • to be aged 25+
  • to live in Greater Manchester, London or Newcastle
  • to be prepared to undergo a 6 month+ training & assessment process

We particularly welcome Black and minority ethnic, female, trans and disabled applicants.

The young people referred to the Trust have often experienced discrimination from their families or within the care system that has resulted in their becoming homeless.

Our supported lodgings carers usually work with young people aged 16-21 (up to 25 in exceptional circumstances) and most placements last 6-18 months. Carers both provide a home and help young people towards independence.


AKT uses the national Foster Care Minimum Standards as our baseline and guide for assessing and training potential new carers.

As well as completing a detailed application form you will be visited at your home several times by our Placement Worker who will guide you through caring for young people every step of the way. Full training is provided and you will receive ongoing support from AKT staff and peer carers. A weekly allowance is payable to you when you have a young person living with you.

The process can take a minimum of 6 months but may take longer depending on the resources available to AKT at any one time.

Download an application form here

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